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AECT and Springer Journals
Item Name
* Educational Technology Research and Development | (EAW interview)
* TechTrends | (EAW interview)     
* AudioVisual Instruction (Journal archive from 1964 to 1979)
* International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning 
** Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning | (EAW interview)          
* Instructional Innovators (Journal archive from 1980 to 1985)
* Instructional Science
** International Journal of Designs for Learning | (EAW interview)
* Journal of Computing in Higher Education 
* Journal of Formative Design in Learning | (EAW interview)
** Technology, Instruction, Cognition & Learning 
* Technology, Knowledge and Learning 
** The Journal of Applied Instructional Design
** Smart Learning Environments

Books Online
Item Name
* Handbook of Research for Educational Communication | (EAW interview)
** A Code of Professional Ethics
* Bridging Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence
* Design Alchemy
* Design in Educational Technology 
* Designing Learning for Tablet Classrooms 
* Distance Education: Definition and Glossary Terms 
* Educational Technology:A Definition with Commentary
* Educational Technology Beyond Content: A New Focus for Learning
* Educational Technology to Improve Quality and Access on a Global Scale
* Emerging Technologies for STEAM Education
* Encyclopedia of Terminology for Educational Communications and Technology
Emerging Research, Practice, and Policy on Computational Thinking 
* Educational Media and Technology Yearbook
* First Principles of Instruction (revised edition) by M. David Merrill
* Getting Started In Instructional Technology Research
** Global Perspectives on Educational Innovations for Emergency Situations
* ICT-Supported Innovations in Small Countries 
** Interactions Across Disciplines (0nline only)
* Intersections Across Disciplines 
* Instructional Design Standards for Distance 
* Leadership and Best Practices in Educational Technology Management
* Learning and Instructional Technologies the 21st Century
* Learning and Design and Technology - Major Reference work |   [Author Guidelines]  [2020 Flyer]  [EAW interview]
* Learning and Knowledge Analytics in Open Education
* Learning: Design, Engagement and Definition
* Leading and Managing e-Learning
* Lessons in Leadership in Educational Technology
* Mind, Brain and Technology
* Perspectives on Digitally-Mediated Team Learning
* SpringerBriefs in Educational Communication and Technology
** Survey of Instructional Design Models
* The Design of Learning Experience 
* The Next Generation of Distance Education 
* The Flipped College Classroom 
* Women's Voices in the Field of Educational Technology
* WRITE your dissertation FIRST and other essays on a graduate education

Video Library
Item Name
** AECT Webinars
** 2018 Research Symposium Keynote: Marty Siegel
*2019 AECT Convention - Featured Speakers
*2018 AECT Convention - Featured Speakers
*2017 AECT Convention - Featured Speakers
*2016 AECT Convention - Featured Speakers
*2015 AECT/China Research Symposium - Speakers 
*2015 AECT Convention - Featured Speakers
*2014 AECT Convention - Featured Speakers

Item Name
** AECT's Annual Convention Proceedings (2021 - 2006)
** AECT Archived Convention Proceedings (2005-1979)  
2015 - Learning and Knowledge Analytics in Open Education
**2004 AECT/Univ. of North Texas Summer Conference

Miscellaneous Publications
Item Name
** AECT Code of Professional Ethics
** AECT Code of Conduct
** AECT Policy Briefs
** AECT Document Repository
** AECT's Response to the COVID-19 Virus  Collection of Distance Learning Resources
** Excellence At Work: Podcast Series Interviews with various AECT editors (file library)
Introduction To Systems Thinking And Change Created by the Systems Thinking and Change Division of AECT
** AECT Tenure and Promotion Guide
** AECT In The 20th Century: A Brief History
** iTECH DIGEST:International ElectronicNewsletter

Portals and Databases
Item Name
** AECT Career Center
** AECT / Old Dominion University Career Resource Center 
** AECT Legends and Legacies
** AECT Open Content Portal
** Doctoral Research in Educational Technology:A D 
** Trends in Instructional Design and Technology
** University Curricula Directory

Archived and Occasional Publications
Item Name
** Call For Academic White Papers
** The Instructional Use of Learning Objects
** Journal of Instructional Development
** Interpersonal Computing and Technology Journal 
** OccasionalPapers 1: The Practice of Instruction 
** Occasional #2:Copyright Law's 

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