Center of Excellence in Publishing

After a competitive recruitment process, AECT is proud to announce the establishment of the inaugural advisory board for AECT’s new Center of Excellence for Publishing. The charge of this new and exciting Center of Excellence is to support AECT’s CEO by helping advise on publishing opportunities and contracts, streamline AECT publishing processes, and to help prepare the next generation of authors and editors for opportunities within the framework of the AECT strategic plan.

Advisory Board Members 2024

Dr. Saul Carliner: At-Large, 2-Year

Dr. Dirk Ifenthaler: At-Large, 3-Year

Dr. Ahmed Lachheb: Journals, 3-Year

Dr. Chris Miller: Books, 1-Year

Dr. Tony (Anthony) Piña: At-Large 1-Year; Replace Chris Miller for Books with a 3-Year Term

AECT Publishing Partners