AECT Updates:

These are extraordinarily challenging times for all of us. As it has for nearly 100 years, AECT stands ready to assist our members and non-members alike in adjusting to a rapidly shifting global landscape for teaching and learning.

Leadership. President Michael Grant has requested a temporary leave due to health issues (not the virus). Brad Hokanson (University of Minnesota) has agreed to step into the role which he held previously. Our thoughts are with Michael and many thanks to Brad for stepping in with a steady hand.


Events. As everyone who has been to one of our events knows, when AECT gathers, it is very much a professional family. Therefore, the board is taking great care in determining the course of the Summer Research Symposium in July and the International Convention in November, both in Jacksonville, Florida. The board feels it is too soon to make a final plan for either event, but neither event will be canceled. However, we are considering options should changes become necessary including doing one or both events remotely or shifting the dates. We hope we do not have to cancel an event, but as the COVID-19 situation evolves over the next few months it has to be a consideration too. Please know that the health and safety of our members is our chief concern.

Webinars. AECT has shown tremendous leadership since the crisis erupted. President Michael Grant and his team quickly mobilized the AECT global network to deliver a webinar series devoted to international, k-12, and higher education challenges. More than 250 educators from around the world participated in the series, which can be found here https://www.aect.org/webinars.php.

Resources. President-Elect Xun Ge (University of Oklahoma) and her team quickly assembled a crowd-sourced list of resources with commentaries. These resources have also been accessed around the world. They can be found here https://www.aect.org/aects_response_to_the_covid-1.php.

In its long history, AECT has confronted the challenges brought on by the Great Depression, World War II, and 9/11, among many other world events. We share the current concerns and fears of our members. However, we are resolute in our goal to ensure that we meet your personal and professional needs as we triumph over yet another earth-shaking challenge. We’re all in this together.



Brad Hokanson, Acting President
Phil Harris, Executive Director


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