Divisions Leadership Meet to Consider Association Topics, Issues

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The new year offered new directions for AECT. On Jan. 24 our divisions met to discuss association topics and issues, as well as plan future actions. President Michael Grant led 21 leaders across ten (of 12) divisions through a series of conversations and possible directions for AECT.


Division discussions

Division leaders brainstormed essential topics our organizations should consider in the near future. These included organizational issues and topics related to the field of educational technology. A small number of the topics included:
  • Ethical uses and critical approaches to Data
  • AECT webinar committee with division reps
  • Policy and procedure manual for each role in the divisions that applies for all divisions
  • Research design and methods
Divisions also considered types of communications needed by the organization. These strategies encompassed internal and external communications, such as coordinated communications with other professional associations and focused blog entries. The divisions also proposed a number of strategies to leverage our existing communications channels with News&Notes, Facebook, and Twitter, and look to existing models, such as the Graduate Student Assembly, who are accomplishing these plans well.


Three initiatives

Grant shared plans for three communications initiatives. First, he proposed news posts to be generated by the divisions and published on a regular schedule. Many of the topics brainstormed earlier in the meeting could be addressed. In addition, recent research published by members could be summarized in a digestible format.
Second, Grant requested that all division events be published on the common AECT calendar on the website. Webinars, calls for proposals, and special events should be sent to Larry Vernon, Director of Electronic Services (lvernon@aect), with the necessary details and any links.
Last, Grant invited the divisions to visit with the Executive Committee throughout the Spring 2020 semester. Using a sign-up schedule, the divisions can share what’s occurring with their members, the directions they would like to take, and how the organization can support their goals.


Considering officer terms

Finally, the division leaders provided feedback on a proposal Grant is considering for beginning officer terms at the Summer Leadership meeting. Grant described a desire to reduce the pressures and demands on leaders’ schedules during the annual convention in the fall. Beginning officers’ terms during the summer would provide opportunities for professional development for new leaders and install the leaders with ceremony, Grant said. Division leaders provided both positives and drawbacks that would need to be considered if the organization were to move in this direction, including concerns for travel budgets.
Want more information about this planning meeting or the initiatives discussed? Contact Michael M. Grant, President (michaelmgrant@sc.edu).

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