The editorial board of the Journal of Formative Design in Learning (JDFL) is pleased to announce that Dr. Kalianne Neumann an Assistant Professor of Educational Technology at Oklahoma State University (sponsor by Dr. Susan Stansbury) and Dr. Logan Arrington an Assistant Professor in Instructional Technology at the University of West Georgia (sponsored by Dr. James Klein) have been selected as its newest Emerging Scholars. Both will serve for a two year term. In addition, Doctoral Candidate at the University of Central Florida, Ms. Sue Bauer, who is an Instructional Designer/Specialist Center for Distributed Learning (sponsored by Dr. Glenda Gunter) was recently named as its Graduate Scholar. The emerging scholar and graduate assistant board members will assist the editorial staff in running JFDL as well as gain experience as co-reviewers under the guidance of their sponsor. The selected candidates will be able to use this internship as a vita builder and as an honorary position representing the emerging scholar population. 


A reminder that due to an increased volume of submissions to the journal JDFL is calling for additional reviewers to join Drs. Beth Oyayzun and Sheri Conklin and Senenge Andzenge to a growing list of amazing scholars who are assisting us with completing reviews and getting published in a timely manner. The journal has been able to maintain its goal of publishing online first on average within with in six to eight weeks of acceptance.

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