Learning and Instructional Technologies for the...


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Edited by Leslie Moller, Jason Bond Huett, and Douglas M. Harvey 
ISBN: 978-0-387-09666-7 Download Preface PDF 
Hard Cover, 227 pages 

In the summer of 2006 AECT hosted the first AECT Research Symposia, which brought together the top scholars in learning technologies to identify specific, research-based ideas, which rethink learning, reorganize schools, redirect technology and provide instruction. Researchers and students will find the conceptual frameworks and literature reviews in Chapters 2-8 to be solid starting points for their own explorations. For instructors, the book offers an indispensable teaching tool in the form of a succinct survey of the complex territory of educational technology. Chapter 12 provides a road map for keeping academic programs relevant to evolving professional standards. Practitioners will benefit from the discussions of state-of-the art ideas regarding design, use, and management of technology for training and education, which may also provide compelling justifications for their programs. This book presents the ’best of the best’ in the fields of technology and learning. To help breathe new energy into the concepts presented here, we asked Marcy Driscoll and Rob Foshay to each add a chapter where they reflect on the thoughts and ideas contained in this volume. Marcy and Rob’s contributions are not typical; they were given the freedom to reflect, to improvise, and to free think about what they had read. Their important contributions invite the reader to reexamine what he or she learned in the previous chapters

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