2020 JFDL Writers' Workshop: Call for Papers

Designing Instruction for an Imperfect World  
Submission Deadline: September 1, 2020


The Journal of Formative Design in Learning (JDFL) is pleased to announce the second annual Writers Workshop to be held in early November 2020.

The theme for this year is based on the idea that we are living in the era of Information Exasperation. First referred to by John Willinsky, in his book: Technologies of Knowing (Beacon, 1999), the term infers that, rather than liberating humanity, the information explosion has made our ability to reach conclusions around us more difficult in reference to our being gridlocked and a situation in which we may be reaching a point of diminishing returns as it relates to scientific research.

While his book was published over twenty years ago, current events point to its continued relevance and timeliness. The information explosion has reached pandemic proportions in which science becomes art as it leaves the lab and is infused into the real world. Following what science is telling us is now founded on imperfect models, and causing our leaders to make imperfect decisions.

The hosts of this pre-conference workshop are looking for participants who wish to share and review with colleagues in a roundtable format their completed or nearly completed formative studies on the topic and/or their potential research ideas that are in the proposal and/or prospectus stage. The format will borrow from the World Café model popularized in the summer research symposia that AECT has hosted for the past several years and will be hosted as a virtual event.

We ask those interested to RSVP to this call by submitting a 500-750 word abstract of their papers and indicate whether it is a draft of a completed or semi completed study or a proposal/prospectus that they would like to brainstorm with other attendees. The abstracts should be submitted by September 1 to Robert Kenny, rkenny@fgcu.edu. Final drafts will be due by October 1 so as to provide the opportunity for attendees to review them in preparation for the roundtables.

Keywords: Chaos Theory; Information Explosion; Reinventing (Online) Learning; Online Learning Versus Remote Learning; Remote Learning and Educational Systematic Change

*The health, well-being and security of the AECT community is our highest priority. We are working with the hotel in Jacksonville, Florida on health/safety processes for the summer research symposium in July and the International Convention in November. AECT remains steadfast in our goal to provide a safe and intellectually stimulating experience for those who attend AECT events. We will continue to closely monitor the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 situation and its potential impact on AECT events.

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