Submission Guidance

AECT International Convention 2024

Submission Guidance

AECT uses Oxford Abstracts, an online submission system, to manage abstracts for consideration. Please follow the steps below to create your Oxford Abstracts account and submit your paper.

Step 1: Create an Oxford Abstracts account

1) Create an Oxford Abstracts account with your email address (please use your institution email address) and a password.

2) You will receive an email from Oxford Abstracts asking you to verify your email address. Click the 'verify email' button in this email (and now you have an Oxford Abstracts account).

3)   When your account is created, you will see a generic message asking you to go to the Convention website you are interested in. 

Step 2. Complete the AECT Convention 2024 submission form

Once you have created an Oxford Abstracts account you will be able to submit for consideration to the Convention. You must fill in all required fields. The form allows you to leave your submission incomplete so you can work on it as a draft, but please be aware that you must ensure all fields are filled in before you submit.

Note – The Convention has two (2) events: Virtual October 1-3 2024 and In-Person October 19-23 2024. All accepted Virtual submissions will be presented virtually on the corresponding dates. All accepted In-Person submissions must be presented in Kansas City, Missouri during the corresponding dates.

1) From the AECT website, follow the link to the appropriate submission form.

2) Complete all the fields in the submission form.

a) When you have filled in all the fields on a page of the form, click 'Next' in the bottom right of the page to move on to the next page. 

b) If you have not filled in a field that is required, a notification box will appear to let you know that you need to go back and fill this in.

3) Submit and completed your form.

a) When you have completed all of the form information, you can then click 'Submit' in the bottom right-hand corner of the form.

b) You will then see a preview of your submission information for you to review.

i)  If you need to make a change to the information, click 'Amend' in the top left-hand corner, this will take you back to the form to edit your information.

ii) If you have completed all required fields and are happy with your submission information, please click 'Complete'.

Submit your proposals using the following links:

1.    Virtual Presentations, if accepted, will be scheduled October 1-3, and all presenters will be on Zoom.

2.    In-Person Presentations, if accepted, will be scheduled October 19-23, and all presenters must be in Kansas City

Please note:

If you do not complete all required fields, your submission will be 'incomplete' and will not be considered. In this instance you will receive an email letting you know that your submission is incomplete, and you will have until the submission deadline (March 31, 2024) to complete the submission. Deadline is extended to April 5!

How do I know if my submission is complete and will be considered?

You will receive a confirmation email called 'AECT Convention 2024 Submission Confirmation' to the email address connected to your Oxford Abstracts account when your submission is complete.

If you receive an email called 'AECT Convention 2024 Incomplete Submission - Action Required' then you must log back into your Oxford Abstracts account to fill in all required fields in the form and then complete your submission.