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This year the AECT convention will be held online. A student volunteer‘s role will mainly be of a Zoom host / moderator for the online sessions. Each volunteer will be given a Zoom host login for a specific Zoom 'Meeting Room' for the session hours assigned. Volunteers will also have contact information for each of the registered presenters for the assigned sessions prior to the session for advance contact and preparation. The responsibility of a Zoom host/moderator involves making preparation prior to an assigned session, opening and ending the Zoom meeting of a presentation session, facilitating the presenter with any technical issues (e.g., sharing screen, notifying the presenter if mic is muted), and monitoring the chat room, and watching the time for the presenters. For some of the sessions, a Zoom host / moderator may also need to assign the presenters and participants into breakout rooms. For the presidential sessions where webinars will be used, the Zoom host/moderator will help to turn on the recording as the session begins and end the recording as the session ends.

Training will be provided to the volunteer Zoom host/moderators prior to the convention. Therefore, we also need volunteers who have experience with Zoom to conduct training sessions for volunteers or create tutorials for the trainees. Attending the volunteer training is a required component for the volunteer discount.

Full-Time Volunteers (10 Hours) Full-time volunteers will be able to register for the convention at the reduced rate of $65
.00 ($165 student rate - $100 discount). Full-time volunteers will report to a Volunteer Supervisor.

Part-Time Volunteers (5 Hours) Part-time volunteers will be able to register for the convention at the reduced rate of $10
0.00 ($165 student rate - $65 discount). Part-time volunteers will report to a Volunteer Supervisor.

Volunteer Supervisors (15 hours)

Registration will be waived for volunteer supervisors who work 15 or more hours. They will oversee approximately 6 Zoom meeting rooms to make sure that each session has a host before it starts. They will help to train the team of volunteers, coordinate and monitor their hours, oversee their effort, and ensure adequate technical support for the presenters. They may also need to fill in when a Zoom host/moderator fails to show up. The AECT Volunteer Coordinator will send the acceptance notice for these positions.
*Note: You will need to register as a Full-Time Volunteer after completing your application. Upon completion of your work as a Volunteer Supervisor, your entire conference registration fee will be refunded in exchange for 15 hours of work.

After the conference, every volunteer will receive a $50 certificate that can be applied toward 2021 AECT convention registration or AECT membership. In addition, a full-time volunteer will also receive an AECT published book (e.g., the First Principles of Instruction by David Merrill with his autograph)

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