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  1. Your manuscript should be appr0oximately 10 pages and written using Microsoft Word. Save it as a .doc file and submit as an email attachment to: simsmich@nova.edu
  2. Single space the entire manuscript. Use 12 point Times New Roman (TNR) font.
  3. Print your paper.
  4. Margins 1 on all sides.
  5. Do not use any page numbers, or embedded commands. Documents that have embedded commands, including editorial comments or special style commands, will not be included in the Proceedings.
  6. Include a cover sheet with the papers title and with the names, affiliations and addresses of all authors. Identify two descriptors for use in the index. Sign the cover sheet to indicate that you assign copyright of this manuscript to AECT. Your paper may be submitted to ERIC for addition to the ERIC document system. Submission of your paper to the Proceedings indicates your agreement to submit your paper to ERIC.
  7. The name of the manuscript file should reference the author. Send you paper via email prior to the beginning of the Convention to: simsmich@nova.edu

The Manuscript

To ensure uniformity of the printed proceedings, authors should follow these guidelines when preparing manuscripts for submission. DO NOT EMBED INFORMATION. YOUR PAPER WILL BE RETURNED IF IT CONTAINS EMBEDDED COMMANDS OR UNUSUAL STYLE OR FORMATTING INFORMATION.

Word Processor Format:
Manuscripts should be written in Microsoft Word for Windows.

The maximum length of the body of the paper should be about 8-10 pages.

Top and bottom margins: 1.0
Left and right margins: 1.0

Regular text: 12 point Times New Roman (TNR), left justified
Paper title: 12 point TNR, centered
Author listing: 12 point TNR, centered
Section headings: 12 point TNR, centered
Section sub-heading: 12 point TNR, left justified

Do not type section headings or titles in all-caps, only capitalize the first letter in each word. All type should be single-spaced. Allow one line of space before and after each heading. Indent, 0.5, the first sentence of each paragraph.

Figures and Tables:
Figures and tables should fit a width of 6.5 inches and be incorporated into the document.

Page Numbering:
Do not include or refer to any page numbers in your manuscript. The Proceedings will be page enumerated when it is processed for printing.

We encourage you to use visuals pictures, graphics to help explain your article. Graphics images (.jpg) should be included in the paper where they fit best. Images should be no wider than 6.5 inches. Visuals and pictures should be at least 500kb.

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