2016 AECT Convention Proceedings

AECT 2016 Convention

Volume 1 - Research and Development Papers
Volume 2 - Practice of Educational Communications and Technology
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39th Annual AECT Proceedings

For the thirty-ninth time, the Research and Theory Division of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) is sponsoring the publication of these Proceedings. Papers published in this volume were presented at the annual AECT Convention in Las Vegas, NV. A limited quantity of these Proceedings were printed and sold in both hardcopy and electronic versions. Volumes 1 and 2 are available through the Educational Resources Clearinghouse (ERIC) System. Proceedings volumes are available to members at AECT.ORG.

The Proceedings of AECT’s Convention are published in two volumes. Volume #1 contains papers dealing primarily with research and development topics. Papers dealing with the practice of instructional technology including instruction and training issues are contained in Volume #2. This year, both volumes are included in one document.

REFEREEING PROCESS: Papers selected for presentation at the AECT Convention and included in these Proceedings were subjected to a reviewing process. All references to authorship were removed from proposals before they were submitted to referees for review. Approximately sixty percent of the manuscripts submitted for consideration were selected for presentation at the convention and for publication in these Proceedings. The papers contained in this document represent some of the most current thinking in educational communications and technology.

Michael R. Simonson

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