Journal of Applied Instructional Design: Call for Special Issue Proposals

The Journal of Applied Instructional Design is soliciting Special Issue proposals. The JAID Editorial Team will review the proposal process.

Each special issue proposal should include the following:

  • Name(s) of Guest Editor(s), 2-page CV(s), and contact information for the corresponding editor
  • Special Issue Title
  • The scope of the special issue. Provide rationale for how this aligns with the goals of
  • A list of potential topics that may be addressed by the papers included in the special issue.
  • A plan for how authors will be recruited to contribute to the special issue.
  • A Special Issue should include a minimum of 8 papers. The Guest Editor(s) should contribute an introductory piece to the Special Issue.

Proposals should be submitted to Jill Stefaniak (jill.stefaniak@uga.edu) by February 15th for consideration. Please put “JAID Special Issue” in the title of your email.


About the Journal of Applied Instructional Design

The Journal of Applied Instructional Design (JAID) is a refereed online journal designed for the publication of scholarly articles in the field of applied Instructional Design. The purpose of JAID is to provide the reflective ID scholar-practitioners and researchers a means for publishing articles on the nature and practice of ID that will support the innovation and growth of our knowledge base. The journal is for practitioners, instructors, students, and researchers of instructional design.

JAID is for reflective scholar-practitioners, who through documentation of their practice in ID, make significant contributions to the knowledge of our field. Authors are invited to submit articles documenting new or revised approaches to ID; the processes of ID including in-depth documentation of analysis, design, and development, implementation and evaluation; design-based research; as well as applied research. Articles must be based on instructional design projects as opposed to pure research projects and focus on documented processes, lessons learned, and how to improve the overall process of ID. Articles must be grounded in research and theory connecting the intellectual foundations of the ID field and how these foundations shape its practice.

JAID currently accepts submissions of three article types.

Instructional Design Practice

This is an applied journal serving a practicing community. Our focus is on what practitioners are doing in authentic contexts and their observed results. These articles cover topics of broad concern to instructional design practitioners. The articles should represent issues of practical importance to working designers.


Research Studies on Applied Instructional Design

JAID is interested in publishing empirical studies exploring the application of instructional design principles in applied settings. Quantitative and qualitative studies are welcome.


Instructional Design/Performance Design Position Papers

JAID also accepts position papers that attempt to bridge theory and practice. Examples may include conceptual frameworks and new ideas facing the instructional design community.  The paper must also provide enough information to allow the replication of the innovation or continuation of the research in other settings. Position papers must be based in the context of a theoretical framework. Efficacy data is strongly preferred, but not always required, contingent upon the potential generalizability or value of the innovation.

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