Cancelled Delegation To Egypt - Professional Exchange

Delegation to Egypt - Professional Exchange
December 1- 6, 2019

Connect with educational technology educators in Egypt as part of the AECT delegation. Led by Dr. Trey Martindale, AECT President, the program will give you a unique opportunity to learn about the state of STEM and educational technology in this developing country in the heart of the Middle East.

The civil unrest and political reform in Egypt that began in 2011 has spurred reforms that continue today, resulting in rapid economic and social growth. Egypt, home to the largest school system in the Middle East, strives to provide equal access to education for girls and boys, and has put specific emphasis on STEM programs, communications programs, and incorporating technology into classrooms throughout the country. Struggling with a teacher shortage, which is near a crisis point in Egypt, and aiming to enact expansive education advancement plans through the Ministry of Education, Egyptian educators are eager to welcome U.S. education experts to discuss challenges and best practices

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September 1 is the deadline to enroll.


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